Friday, October 7, 2011

We Should All Hate Ne-Yo & Trey Songz

My loath for these two ni**as run deep. Yes, I hate them but I'm no hater. I think a hater is someone who refuses to give an individual credit where credit is due, that isn't O by a long shot. Trey Songz & Ne-Yo definitely make music some people (not so much me anymore) adore! They both have a strong fan base, make millions, sell out concerts and drive the ladies wild. That's cool and all but they're still whack as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Take a look at this picture of Shaffer *kinda fcking name is that though?!*...

Now why would anyone in their right mind trust someone with eyebrows that thick?! Even his hairline is trying to get away from his whackness as fast as it can, maybe you should do the same!

This is him in high school. Usually I don't call people out for being "questionable" but this confirmed it for me. The three guys that took school pictures like this in my school?!.....are full blown out the closet gay now. Don't know why he won't admit it, just be yourself bro! You'll still have all your fans I promise! Seriously though Ne-Yo, not one woman that I've had a conversation with desires you because of your sex appeal, they like that you're in touch with your feminine side....DEEPLY. I liked the music you made on your first album, there was a good balance, but since then ALL of your music has been soft and redundant. Not cool bro. Don't worry you're not the only one, we're on to Rick Ross too (as far as redundancy). Now let us peep out Tremaine...

Seriously doggy...we know you feel the music *PAUSE* but do you have to make these types of faces on the regular?! I'm sure that might be part of the reason you keep your shirt off but nobody has forgotten that you're a cry baby. He seems like he used to be the Cry&Cuddle type after "cardio" that's probably why Lauren London went ahead and had Lil Wayne's baby, which is still disgusting and sad but whatever.

There are plenty of male artists that don't have to parade around half naked all the time like you do. They have a very strong fan base and make good music, you'd be able to pull the same numbers even if you kept your shirt on some of the time. I mean, what you do at your concerts is your business but in public...I'm sure the females haven't forgotten what your abs looked like the last video you shot. I'm so tired of having to change the channel every time your video comes on.

Both Shaffer & Tremaine are talented artists but all the frontin' and gimmicks aren't necessary in my opinion. Musiq Soulchild can sing his butt off, has a fcked up eye and still has been able to sell records successfully. Chris Brown can sing, dance and box (triple threat, haha) and in videos he tends to keep his shirt on and controls his facial expressions. Have some control & pride my ni**as.

If I wasn't clear as to why I don't like Ne-Yo & Trey Songz...I at least hope you enjoyed the pictures, trying something new. Okay bye

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