Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey, Let's Do a Occupy Bad Breath Protest!!

    In the growing trend of changing this country for the better, can we add morning breath to the the little guys (no pun intended) like me can wake up and have some peace of mind that our personal area won't be violated by another adults morning breath. I know that you know what I'm talking about too! We've all been violated here and there by some stranger or sadly by someone we already know. Morning breath is borne when a person has been sleep for 4-8hrs and when they've awaken their breath smells like camel's spit, lemons, drake's tears, and rick ross' sweat wrapped in a ball of fire. The only thing worst than morning breath is a person not realizing they havvvve morning breath. Personally I don't think it's hard to miss because some days as soon as I wake up I can feel the heat in my jaws and I run STRAIGHT for the Colgate.

    They always tell you sticks and stones can break your bones but they never tell you how much anger you'll have against somebody that's up in your face with morning breath. Besides me being pissed for the next hour because the smell lingers and my nose isn't the same anymore I probably won't stop thinking about for at least a week *yes, it's happened before*...waking up football Sunday like "got damn, whatshisname breath smelled like dragon's feet the other day." Morning breath really is something like a tragedy because you end up questioning a relationship or a friendship all because of it. "I like Ryan (a common unisex name) but sometimes their breath be on TEN and I don't really need that in my life right now."

    Sometimes I think about leaving little anonymous notes to people so I can tell them how much their breath has offended me and probably others but I'm told that's frowned upon. There's probably only three people outside of my immediate family that I would tell to their face that their breath is kicking like Jackie Chan. We've all thought about addressing the issue face to face with someone we care about but how can you when there's no easy way to say OR hint that shit!? What am I supposed to give them mouth wash for a Christmas gift, Aquafresh as a birthday gift or just show up, "Hey, so I was in the store and saw some Ice Breakers and thought of you" nah....I 'ont think any of that shit will go over well.

    We're all grown now, no one should have to force you to freshen your breath before you start communicating with people. I don't even like texting people that haven't brushed. It's simple....before you do anything do a private check, a pit check, and a potty mouth check. If you're running late three extra minutes won't be a significant difference, freshening up won't kill you but it might kill us! Aye, but if none of you can think of a better way to let these people walking around with hot wolf breath know how much they're hurting the rest of us then we'll definitely hook up and do an Occupy Protest!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Queen.....You're Corrupted

  For better or worse men and women are stuck together on this planet until the next dinosaur killer comes or until we drill this mother dry. Nonetheless, each other is all we have and every little bit helps so I intend to do my part and share my thoughts with you.

  1st Vice. Living and dying by "rules." Putting restrictions on your search to find happiness is a sure way to come up short. He has to call first, he has to text first, he has to offer to pick me up, he has to open my door...blah z blah. Maybe if you would walk behind him two paces to his left he could open the door with the appropriate hand. But no, you'd rather walk shoulder to shoulder on the wrong side and now he's looking like 'Radio' trying to open that damn door...or possibly that fcking jog we always have to do just before you reach the door so we can open it for you. These so called "rules" you cherish are taken advantage of so much it's hard to tell if it's genuine or not. The guy that might following all these chivalrous rules might be the same one that's chatting, skyping, texting, and smashing four other women. When you're blinded by the rules it's hard to see the red flags. Chill.....just go with the flow.

  2nd Vice. Your list or the highway. Besides the requirement of them being physically attractive, most of your "must have" list is probably petty. Some people won't admit this truth, but love does come in all shapes & sizes. On one hand I don't really approve of ALL shapes & sizes but, hey, different boats for different folks. On the other hand if that man has everything you want on the inside, there's always room for improvement on the outside. The wheel wasn't perfect the first time it was made and the iPhone took four versions before it could officially be the best phone on the market. (Yes my thirst for the iPhone 4S is strong) Give a brother a chance...he can always get in shape, upgrade his wardrobe, and mature. Be flexible, no pun intended.

  3rd Vice. Being a bitter jerk. Let's face it, if you were so perfect then you'd still be in a relationship.....right?(maybe) Anyway, the sins of your ex are not the faults of the next. Give him the opportunity to mess up on his own before you're showing off your horns and pitch fork. Whatever he may have done wrong should make you more aware not more of an accuser.

  4th Vice. Ignoring the obvious. Speaking of being go into something knowing that he will not be good for you, yet you do it anyway. You knew he was a womanizer, player or dog when you started and then you act surprised when you catch him sexting or cheating. Tsk tsk tsk shame on you, dummy. Everyone letting you know something adverse about the guy you're talking to is not being a hater, they probably care about and thought you were worth looking out for. First, don't ask questions you already know the answer to. 2nd, you weren't apart of that man's past and you damn sure can't be everywhere he goes so some clues and warnings from a friend or associate will only do some good for your ignorance.

  5th Vice. Feeding off your pain. It is impossible to ignore or forget the experiences we had to endure throughout our childhood. Regardless if your father was there or not we can all comprehend and recognize the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Forgive him for his short comings and never look back. Forgiveness is for you, for your peace of mind and no one else. Feeding off of the pain imprinted in your memory causes you to repetitively choose partners that don't consistently contribute to your happiness. Yearn for the joy and love that is unfamiliar to you instead of the settling for the inconsistency of lust.
   I have a two year old princess that I plan to teach, mold and instill a shit load of values and knowledge into. I know the affects my presence and absence can do to her mentality, therefore I have to man up. I love my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my plethora of aunts, and umpteen female friends so I'm not just trying to poke at you, I actually want the best for every queen that reads this. Send me a message if you want a hug. Wait, that sounds like I'm prostituting myself. Disregard lol

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wolf, the Woman and the Guilt

The Wolf

    Story One...who is the wolf you ask? In this story he is a nice guy. Not the coward guy or the awkwardly social lab geek, but the guy raised to be a gentleman with a backbone...that nice guy. The wolf is cunning, cordial and charismatic. The wolf is all about progression and being positive. Of course the wolf has a story to tell, who doesn't, but he is also free from drama and emotional baggage. The wolf is a provider and a protector that's slow to trust and slow to anger. With a sophisticated toughness and a rational heart, the wolf does a lot to please and/or pleasure his woman because he has a heart of gold. The wolf doesn't do a lot of arguing, bickering or fussing with a woman. This guy sounds great right? Why the hell is he a wolf, wolves are bad right?! Well....yeah they kind of are, but only when they need to be. The wolf is unique, unconventional and often unnoticed to the common eye because everyone is used to it's domesticated relative.....THE DOG.

The Woman

    Story Two...the mastermind behind the fall of man, the only mammal with a kryptonite cervix, silhouette of a full lit moon and the sexual appetite of Aphrodite. Arguably the most naturally intellectual, beautiful, and evil creature walking the Earth...the woman has, throughout history, been the cause of conflict and confusion amongst men. With the influence to make or break a man's will with a single text message you would think a person with this ability or position would be wise and compassionate with their power. However, that would just be naive. Often oblivious to the consequences of playing with one's heart and conscience, the woman walks the Earth sexually influencing men, devouring their souls, and then giving birth to a child that will inevitably repeat the cycle. A walking Sun with breasts, the woman has the energy or force to make a man grow up or shrivel up and die alone.

The Guilt

    Story Three...a weapon of mass destruction to love, passion and prosperity in our hearts as well as our world...I believe guilt is what keeps most of us out of our right minds. We tell ourselves that we don't deserve better, we don't deserve to seek our definition of the perfect companion, or that we shouldn't take a chance on an opportunity or tell the truth to one another. The guilt of our parents is transferred to us because they brought us into this world unplanned so they spend their life trying to provide for us financially. The guilt drives them to believe that if their child has money and material things it is more beneficial than teaching us the virtues that last a lifetime. The guilt of the woman who thinks she doesn't deserve better enables the dogs to continue to be dogs because it works. The dog is not being held to a standard to improve or mature so why even bother. A guilt poisoned woman will give her body away without a commitment, trial period or even a deep conversation all for the status or chain of a that's all the dog has to do. The wholesome nice guy thinks being a dog will get him into the Garden of Eden so he will transform into a dog as well. The guilty dog knows he's not going to be more than what he is, so he'll trick and manipulate as many as he can so he won't be alone. The guilt of being mediocre causes us to act like crabs in a barrel, just pulling each other down.

    Free your mind from other's guilty opinions and envious criticism and your gifts, personality, and imagination will take you as far as you really want to go. Like a Boxing Referee always says...."protect yourself at all times." Fellas: wake up and learn there's more in this world for you to explore. Stop getting schooled by the same type of women(reminds me of that stupid Jamie Foxx song...fcking hate it). Ladies: men aren't an exact science but if you had to choose, why not a wolf? You already know what's down the road with that dog, that's why you're single or thinking about being single right? can always teach a wolf new tricks! Lol

Friday, October 7, 2011

We Should All Hate Ne-Yo & Trey Songz

My loath for these two ni**as run deep. Yes, I hate them but I'm no hater. I think a hater is someone who refuses to give an individual credit where credit is due, that isn't O by a long shot. Trey Songz & Ne-Yo definitely make music some people (not so much me anymore) adore! They both have a strong fan base, make millions, sell out concerts and drive the ladies wild. That's cool and all but they're still whack as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Take a look at this picture of Shaffer *kinda fcking name is that though?!*...

Now why would anyone in their right mind trust someone with eyebrows that thick?! Even his hairline is trying to get away from his whackness as fast as it can, maybe you should do the same!

This is him in high school. Usually I don't call people out for being "questionable" but this confirmed it for me. The three guys that took school pictures like this in my school?!.....are full blown out the closet gay now. Don't know why he won't admit it, just be yourself bro! You'll still have all your fans I promise! Seriously though Ne-Yo, not one woman that I've had a conversation with desires you because of your sex appeal, they like that you're in touch with your feminine side....DEEPLY. I liked the music you made on your first album, there was a good balance, but since then ALL of your music has been soft and redundant. Not cool bro. Don't worry you're not the only one, we're on to Rick Ross too (as far as redundancy). Now let us peep out Tremaine...

Seriously doggy...we know you feel the music *PAUSE* but do you have to make these types of faces on the regular?! I'm sure that might be part of the reason you keep your shirt off but nobody has forgotten that you're a cry baby. He seems like he used to be the Cry&Cuddle type after "cardio" that's probably why Lauren London went ahead and had Lil Wayne's baby, which is still disgusting and sad but whatever.

There are plenty of male artists that don't have to parade around half naked all the time like you do. They have a very strong fan base and make good music, you'd be able to pull the same numbers even if you kept your shirt on some of the time. I mean, what you do at your concerts is your business but in public...I'm sure the females haven't forgotten what your abs looked like the last video you shot. I'm so tired of having to change the channel every time your video comes on.

Both Shaffer & Tremaine are talented artists but all the frontin' and gimmicks aren't necessary in my opinion. Musiq Soulchild can sing his butt off, has a fcked up eye and still has been able to sell records successfully. Chris Brown can sing, dance and box (triple threat, haha) and in videos he tends to keep his shirt on and controls his facial expressions. Have some control & pride my ni**as.

If I wasn't clear as to why I don't like Ne-Yo & Trey Songz...I at least hope you enjoyed the pictures, trying something new. Okay bye