Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wolf, the Woman and the Guilt

The Wolf

    Story One...who is the wolf you ask? In this story he is a nice guy. Not the coward guy or the awkwardly social lab geek, but the guy raised to be a gentleman with a backbone...that nice guy. The wolf is cunning, cordial and charismatic. The wolf is all about progression and being positive. Of course the wolf has a story to tell, who doesn't, but he is also free from drama and emotional baggage. The wolf is a provider and a protector that's slow to trust and slow to anger. With a sophisticated toughness and a rational heart, the wolf does a lot to please and/or pleasure his woman because he has a heart of gold. The wolf doesn't do a lot of arguing, bickering or fussing with a woman. This guy sounds great right? Why the hell is he a wolf, wolves are bad right?! Well....yeah they kind of are, but only when they need to be. The wolf is unique, unconventional and often unnoticed to the common eye because everyone is used to it's domesticated relative.....THE DOG.

The Woman

    Story Two...the mastermind behind the fall of man, the only mammal with a kryptonite cervix, silhouette of a full lit moon and the sexual appetite of Aphrodite. Arguably the most naturally intellectual, beautiful, and evil creature walking the Earth...the woman has, throughout history, been the cause of conflict and confusion amongst men. With the influence to make or break a man's will with a single text message you would think a person with this ability or position would be wise and compassionate with their power. However, that would just be naive. Often oblivious to the consequences of playing with one's heart and conscience, the woman walks the Earth sexually influencing men, devouring their souls, and then giving birth to a child that will inevitably repeat the cycle. A walking Sun with breasts, the woman has the energy or force to make a man grow up or shrivel up and die alone.

The Guilt

    Story Three...a weapon of mass destruction to love, passion and prosperity in our hearts as well as our world...I believe guilt is what keeps most of us out of our right minds. We tell ourselves that we don't deserve better, we don't deserve to seek our definition of the perfect companion, or that we shouldn't take a chance on an opportunity or tell the truth to one another. The guilt of our parents is transferred to us because they brought us into this world unplanned so they spend their life trying to provide for us financially. The guilt drives them to believe that if their child has money and material things it is more beneficial than teaching us the virtues that last a lifetime. The guilt of the woman who thinks she doesn't deserve better enables the dogs to continue to be dogs because it works. The dog is not being held to a standard to improve or mature so why even bother. A guilt poisoned woman will give her body away without a commitment, trial period or even a deep conversation all for the status or chain of a dog...so that's all the dog has to do. The wholesome nice guy thinks being a dog will get him into the Garden of Eden so he will transform into a dog as well. The guilty dog knows he's not going to be more than what he is, so he'll trick and manipulate as many as he can so he won't be alone. The guilt of being mediocre causes us to act like crabs in a barrel, just pulling each other down.

    Free your mind from other's guilty opinions and envious criticism and your gifts, personality, and imagination will take you as far as you really want to go. Like a Boxing Referee always says...."protect yourself at all times." Fellas: wake up and learn there's more in this world for you to explore. Stop getting schooled by the same type of women(reminds me of that stupid Jamie Foxx song...fcking hate it). Ladies: men aren't an exact science but if you had to choose, why not a wolf? You already know what's down the road with that dog, that's why you're single or thinking about being single right? Plus....you can always teach a wolf new tricks! Lol

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