Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drizzy Drake: The False Prophet of YMCMB (cont.)

One of my readers brought up some good points about the Drizzy post:

          "There was somethings that you didn't address that I wish you had done. Your criticism was spot on and I have nothing to disagree with you on your points. However, not one bit of it was constructive. I wish you had addressed what he should be doing instead, like getting back to what made him blow up in the first place. Instead of saying that he's rapping about life that he ain't bout, I wish you could remind people of the life he was 'bout and what made people, you, and I a fan of him in the first place. You should of addressed not just Lil Wayne bitchin him in that pic with weezy kissin that bitch, but also address how his influence on him hasn't been healthy for his rap career in the long term. You mad at him about actin hard when he really ain't 'bout dat life? So is everybody else, but we need to look hard and see who the culprit is. Somebody who has the act hard fake ass mentality but got homosexual tendencies-Lil Wayne. He got Aubrey to start doin that fake as shit. Was he on that shit before he got on YMCMB? Hell to the fuck nawww! Weezy's bitch ass was the one who put him on that shit. Killing his career at his overall expense for the almighty dollar. Be mad at Lil Wayne for puttin him on that mainstream shit. Underground is probably where Drake shoulda stayed, he woulda kept it real on that level. This is the same for every rapper who went mainstream and stopped talkin bout that real shit they was bout. Aubrey is no different. If anything, y'all knew from the start that Drake singing with Lil Wayne was just the first red flag indicator that he just didn't know any better. And he still doesn't."

Three things:

1) +2 points for your reply to my post sir.

2) Aubrey was raised without his father in his immediate home. He only visited him during the summers. We also don't know how close they were emotionally. So history shows us that when boys are becoming men...that 20/21 age is crucial to our morals and the personality we will most likely display for the next 10-15 years at least. Aubrey met Lil Wayne at the age of 21 so naturally, a man in his profession, at the success level he wants to attain or eventually surpass, is going to be the choice of his admiration. We can't help it, and some men just don't posses enough strength mentally to withstand influences even when they are far from the norm.

3) I'm definitely a fan of artists growing. Personally and lyrically. So I can't agree with you 100% that he needs or should to go back to the artist he was before YMCMB. Rapping about goons in DC, NOT BUYING  IT, BRUH. Rapping about mixing Sprite and lean, SHOULDN'T BE TRYING IT, BRUH. We've seen rappers be successful when the subject and lifestyle of their songs change. Jay-Z continues to do it. Kanye is doing it now. Lil Wayne (even though we don't agree) is doing it now as well. Judging from his music, it doesn't sound like he's GROWING. Songs/verses about being upset at artists "copying" you, being whipped to the fcuking max, constantly fantasizing about Nicki Minaj, and swinging from Lil Wayne's dwarf balls is NOT A GOOD LOOK, AUBREY!!

P.S. If I catch your bright ass wearing Uggs & Jeggings like your role model I will personally sue you for blatant defamation of your own character. 

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