Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drizzy Drake: The False Prophet of YMCMB

Before I begin.....I'm a fan of his music because he makes good records. He's still confused as to what he should do with his life so this isn't "hate" I like to think of it as a "Character Critique." 

ISSUE 1) You started acting when you were 15. You're Blu-ish (Black & Jewish). I highly doubt you had time to turn into a delinquent. You're the only one without a tattoo on your face and a cavity. You clearly look like the odd ball out in this photo. E for Effort though.

ISSUE 2) I don't always take lyrics seriously. Like, I KNOW that not every rap artist has made it from selling drugs but I can hear you acting sometimes through your music. Have you decided if you want to rap or do R&B yet? No? Well, I think you should choose one. I put up with all the singing on your latest album 'Day Care' but you know I have to draw the line somewhere....'Hate Sleeping Alone'....really dude? 

ISSUE 3) In half of your songs you talk about not loving "these hoes" and in the other half you confess to your audience that you have some women that are still living off you and you go through phones when they go in the bathroom. That's not gangsta. And clearly you and Nicki Nick didn't get married. It doesn't matter how much poosy you get...doesn't matter to me anyway it's still flags on the play.

ISSUE 4) You didn't directly respond to any of Common's blatant disses. Dude, man up. But then again it might have been a good idea not to. Us Midwest boys are a little crazy. He hoe'd you. Now people will never let you live that down no matter how many records you sell.  

See this kid, Sherbet. I used to be this kid....maybe not the ugly Jew fro, or the atrocious hairline, or the light bright complexion but I use to rock the window panes. Nothing wrong with it. I do find something with this claiming he has goons, carries weapons, or anything else that YOU KNOW you wouldn't be involved in. Aubrey you know damn well you wouldn't do anything that would possibly put you behind bars. YOU NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE, BRO! That's why you don't ride with Weezy on his tour bus, that's why we can always spot you in a Cosby sweater, that's why you do just as much singing as Trey & Breezy. And that's okay, you don't have to be a thug or "hard" just be you....minus the bitchassness.

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