Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fck You, I Don't Have A Dirty Mouth

  Some of us have absolutely no problems whatsoever using the language of the Gods.......PROFANITY! People will try to tell you that using profanity is the absence of intellect, well....fck them. You've seen some of my posts don't act like you didn't have to look up at least ONE word. I like to tell myself that I have a somewhat profound vocabulary, that's only cause I be thinking I'm the shit sometimes, but I love to cuss. I fcking love it and I'm not ashamed. Do I cuss all the time? For the most part yes lol. But that doesn't make me a bad person, sheesh. Can profanity be unprofessional and disrespectful? Sure it can be, but this shit ain't Black&White like most people's perception make it out to be. Without question there are times that it is definitely inappropriate to use profanity but shit...in certain situations so is talking with your hands, slouching your shoulders, rolling your eyes, even raising your voice but everyone wants to complain about my fcking language? Give me a break got dammit. In the growing connotative society we live in today, the way we communicate is changing just as fast as our technology. Don't be afraid to change folks because the dictionary sure isn't. Just in case you didn't know "LOL" is now legitimately a word....WE DID THAT SHIT...we made up our own shit and used it so much they made it official, that shit cray! There is profanity and insults in every language, I don't know for sure because I don't speak every fcking language of course but from the expression on faces and veins popping out of the necks of drivers I cut off everyday on the freeway.....I'm positive they're cussing me out in a language Dora the Explorer hasn't taught me yet. I'm not shy about cussing around my supervisor, my boss' boss, old people or my mother but three you should never cuss at is 1) Your child[ren] 2) Your grandparents and last but certainly not least 3) Whomever is preparing your food. Anyone else...cuss at your own discretion lol. All my bosses and supervisors were in the military or worked government so long they cuss too. My mother doesn't use the language of the Gods but she accepts me for who I am now, took her long enough. Anyway that's all I have at the moment so....if you're on Twitter follow me @RastaLaVistaBby or @Jupitr_O, if not continue to read my shit please. I truly appreciate everyone of you for proving my inhibition wrong. Peace, I'm out this B*TCH!

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