Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Kitchen is Full of Sheet

So.....there was a topic on twitter that fueled me to bring this up. I was trying to hold out on talking about "Men&Women" but hey you know what they say...

I see a lot of guys are still sticking to that "If she doesn't cook than she can't be with me" stuff. Well sir, you need to sit your ask down somewhere with that. Without question I'm sure the guys who say this are the same morons who haven't been to the real world yet. They're probably some sophomore in college with a decent meal plan and plenty of snacks that his mommy paid for in the mini fridge, a girlfriend that washes his clothes for him, and his good idea of a good date is the 2 for $20 menu at Applebee's. Ni**a please! It is possible that he may not even be in college, he's 25 still living at home without a care in the world and mother that does everything for him while controlling his relationships and tells him that his woman better do the same things. Again I say, Ni**a please!
Listen chump...the kitchen is not a WOMAN'S responsibility. A real man can and will cook for himself, when a woman cooks it's merely a bonus that turns us on...sort of like proportionate aureolas on already nice breasts. If you were smart and could take care of yourself you'd know that there are more important skills that your woman should have, like: common sense, doing it with no hands, writing essays, magic, maybe even drives like a man....but the kitchen?! You want her to be able to cook when they sell P. F. Chang's in a bag now? When Dominos has a new crust that's the When you haven't eaten at the dinner table since you were 14 years old? Yeah my man, if her NOT cooking for you is a deal breaker you're obviously still listening to B2K and get drunk off of Wine Coolers. Prepubescent faggot...

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