Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When You Truly Don't Give a Fcuk Who Is In Your Way

When the new Jordans or Foams get released

It's a new trend but pretty much it's "get down or lay down" I here. I don't wear those shoes so I wouldn't know from experience. Just be careful.

When you have to take a shit or pee really bad

I don't know what it is but you become more elusive than Mike Vick when you're running to the bathroom. 

When you have to vomit

Babies have never given a fcuk who they throw up on (bastards) but you know the deal...sometimes you make it a toilet...sometimes you don't.

When a fight breaks out

Whether you're running from the fight or running to it. Somebody better look both ways before crossing.

When a dog is chasing you

I think these are dogs where he's from! O__O

When a bug sneaks up on you

Big or small if I hear or see a bug flying around my head just back the fcuk up or you might get punched.

When white men are chasing you

I don't give a fcuk what Mel Gibson says...If you see a pack of White Boys coming after you....smdh....they're gonna fcuk you (literally), kill you, THEN get away with it. 

Last but not least....

That awkward moment when you realize your Uncle Scar FCUKED YOU!

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