Monday, April 9, 2012

Stop Whispering Near Me

I don't know about you...but it annoys thee fcuk out of me when two or more people are whispering within my audio range. It's not the possibility of you actually talking about me that annoys me. It's not the repeated use of consonants that make it sound like you're whispering my name every thirteen seconds. It's not the giggling. It's not the fact that it could be some juicy ass gossip that I'd care about enough to make me celebrate like the time I saw Anne Hathaway's chesticles in 'Love & Other Drugs' (which I had been waiting to see since Princess Diaries).......It's the fact that anywhere from 60 seconds to 20+ minutes I had to sit or stand there and PRETEND I wasn't ear hustling thee WHOLE. FCUKING. TIME. When all I really wanted to do was pull a Dwight Schrute. (See below)

That shit is hard to do (successfully), bro.We're all entitled to do whisper wherever we choose, I think. After the age of 13 I don't think it's rude anymore. But, don't get mad when you look over your shoulder and someone is staring you in the face. You could have went to the hallway, Sea World, stairwell, car, Grand Canyon, restroom, or kitchen....instead you chose to whisper to your friend 2-15 fcuking feet away from me and now I'm the one that feels more awkward than the persons who blatantly can't mind their own business. SO...not fair.

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