Friday, February 24, 2012

Rihanna and Breezy...What The Fcuk Are Y'all Doing?

Personally, I'm not against CB and Ri Ri getting back together. Yes, we know he beat her ass and honestly whether she deserved it is still up for debate since we were never told the whole truth. She's forgiven him and they're trying to move on but as Superstars and Icons for Gen Y...I just don't see a 2nd chance relationship going in their favor. Love is some powerful shit. Love is definitely some powerful shit when you sprinkle Pacquiao punches with it. It's evident that they love each other...also each other's cake...and they MIGHT be great together again but they no longer have the luxury of a "leap & love" lifestyle such as us common folk do. CB and Ri Ri's lives are about profit first and everything else they rank in importance as they please.

Robyn, yousa slick little beach. Taking that dope ass song which was originally only 1:36 long (mad as fcuk about that) and trying to soften up your fans to the idea of you and Mr Chris Bruiser being an item again. I haven't forgotten about her doing all those interviews with the Crocodile tears in those stupid ass Turtlenecks so I doubt your die hard tween fans have forgotten either. Good luck girl, witcho sexy ass.

Christopher, something is wrong with you, seriously dude. You're thee most volatile male I've ever seen in my life. Tweets consistently off the chain. You throw furniture through windows when someone asks you a question. And did I mention your tweets are consistently OFF THE CHAIN. Oh, and there's the matter of you beating up your ex-girlfriend. Breezy, dude, you have a girlfriend now. She's very cute by the way and I'm sure she know a little Kung Fu that's why she's survived this long but frankly the lyrics in your verse of the Cake Remix were very disrespectful to her because bottom line, Rihanna is your EX so it will always be a bad call to spend quality time with her, borrow tampons from her, and make sexually provocative songs with her even if it is "just business."

If you are having thoughts of getting back together I hope you two have thought this venture ALL the way through. And if your intentions was to mind fcuk the public and still make great records...well shit...mission accomplished. I still think that photo is Photoshop though.

Chris Brown's 'Turn Up The Music Remix' was weak to me.

Rihanna's 'Cake Remix' had my ears at full attention though. Take a listen if you haven't heard it.
Cake Remix - Rihanna Feat Chris Brown

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