Friday, January 13, 2012

The Takeover: Sex

    I wanted to use a more clever title for this post but it was going to have something to do with sports. So to be fair to those of you who act like you're too good to watch a game.....I made it simple. >__<

    I'm sure somewhere on your list of must haves when it comes to committing to a significant other, putting up with your friend with benefits or God forbid marrying someone...GOOD IN BED is #1 or #2 on that list. No..........I'm positive it's #1 for most of you, sorry for telling your secret. This requirement has become excessively popular. The guy, he's cute and thoughtful but he's not worth keeping around because having sex with him isn't meeting your expectations. The girl, she may be a little bipolar and probably a little more volatile but I should put up with her because having sex with her is always great. I bet our grandparents didn't settle down with each other because the sex was amazing (definitely if they're still together). If your parents are honest with you...they might confess that you were an accident but they'll also tell you that's not why they got together. You had to bring so much more to the table back in the day; what happened to the old way and how did we become so confused? used to be so clear, so defined and definitely the most important factor when it came to our relationships. As a man, the way you proved you loved her was by trusting her. By doing whatever you had to do to provide for her, with or without kids. Helping out around the house whenever you were asked to do so. If you weren't the sensitive type you were at least respectful to her, you know, letting her talk your ears off when she needed someone to vent to or coming home at a decent time or the time you promised. As a woman, the way you proved you loved him was by.....well, actually I can keep this part not being crazy. *Shots Fired* Nowadays since sex is misinterpreted as love we think that's the most important, sex.

Follow me here, I'm actually going somewhere I promise! a powerful thing there is no denying that, I'm not a loser. Sex is probably the most enjoyable way of bonding with another human being. The pleasure, the affection, the passion, the comfort & security, the implied emotional connection. But that's the common issue, the love, the emotional connection is implied. Love is supposed to be define and direct. You should be able see and measure how great one's love for you is with your own two eyes. Visually processing their actions and thinking to yourself "That nicca loooove me." You shouldn't have to struggle with your conscience on whether he or she is worth keeping around because you know deep down that the negatives out weigh the positives, especially when the only positive is what they're capable of doing in the bedroom. Sex is suppose to reinforce what positive feelings you have for one another, not the other way around. Don't let the sex hypnotize you, don't let it complicate your feelings when you know that person isn't right for you. Sex should legitimize what he or she already does outside the bedroom like: sending that "Good Morning Text" you need to start your day(without having to ask), picking you up from the airport at 6am even if they have to be to work at 8am, calling just to check in or say hello because you haven't talked to them all know, those intangibles aka "little things." TRUST ME...I know it's hard to have self control, to be critical of who you have sex with...abstinent for months or years even! Part of the confusion comes from everyone telling you that "Life is Short" but truth is you don't know! Not even the lunatic that predicted the world would end on May 20, 2011 knows for sure how long we have...and of course I'm presuming the Mayans don't know what they're talking about with that 2012 bullsh*t either. All jokes aside, what I'm trying to say is, don't let sex have dominion over your decisions on who you choose. Sex should be strengthening your relationship, not defining it........because being happy [with the choices you've made] is ALL that matters.

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