Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mythbusters: Teams

    Last time I was on a team...was high school. I was on quite a few teams in high school too: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track. We had matching uniforms...individual numbers though. Oh!...and there was a roster! Yup, sure was.....and even though at times I felt like we didn't need one, we had a coach. A coach to tell each player what their role was, what type of contribution we were to offer to the team. Well, it's been some time since I was last in high school, even though some would suggest otherwise from the way I act sometimes but I think a little immaturity keeps you young, *sidetracked for a second sorry* I got my diploma and I left the teams alone. I haven't joined a gang, I don't play collegiate or professional sports. In fact, most of society doesn't play on any team either. Why?...How the f*ck should I know?!

    "There's no I in team" that's what people always say to us right...like we didn't pass third grade or something. Yes we know, there is no I in team. Not so fast...there is a "me" in there though. Which word do we really prefer "Me" or "Team?" Hard to choose right now huh? Of course it is, because most people want to be able to interchange between the two whenever he or she chooses. Notice how I didn't say they...because generally we let someone make the choice for the "team" all the while that person is really making the decisions for "me." Loyalty has been misused and taken for granted so much that I'm not sure people even knows what it truly means anymore. I'll give you the real meaning of it right now...since I haven't come out with my own dictionary yet and all. Loyal is when your fam (blood or friend) won't put you in any situation that can get you into trouble with the law, so you'll never have to choose between jail time or stitches. Loyal is when your fam drags you out the house to have a good time, even though they know you're broke, and pay for your expenses. Loyal is reaching a decision with me and not for me even if that means you have to waste your time to call or text me. Loyal is surprising someone with some of the money you owe them instead of telling them all the money you just spent at the mall. When someone is loyal there's no question if both of you will end up home and in a bed even though everyone was chocolate wasted. When someone is truly loyal to you a lot of agreements don't have to be spoken of. Not much has to be said in a lot of occasions actually.

    Well you don't have a coach anymore and you are definitely not on any one's team. Start including yourself in decisions pertaining to YOUR LIFE. Stop letting him or her make those decisions for you. They put "me" first regardless if you're involved or not...so you start looking out for "me" first as well. You'll want to start soon too or you're going to turn 35 and spas the f*ck out like everyone else does. Am I saying everyone makes decisions this way even if they're family...even if they're your best friends...even if they're your significant other? Maybe....its possible...I'm not saying you can't trust ANYONE. I'm saying stop being a sucker....sucka.

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