Thursday, July 14, 2011

Free Bliss From Ignorance

  "Ignorance is Bliss" that's how the saying goes right? Well...O thinks you should take it back. Why give the ignorant that much gratification, why pamper them? sad. The definition of ignorant is: lacking knowledge to a particular subject or fact; uninformed; unaware. The definition of bliss is: supreme happiness. In all fairness to the ignorant (smh) they are content in their state of not knowing much about shit...and the quote is usually stated in a third-person point of view! Now...if I'm walking away from a conversation, wait no, if I'm in a conversation with an ignorant person the last thing on my mind is calling that person happy. Most likely, I'm about to call them a simple turd *as I turn my back on them and walk away in slow motion like they do in the movies.* Say anything complex that's also degrading...there's a good chance they wouldn't get the point. And please don't say I'm mean...because you know you would be the same way depending on the situation. For example, If the gentleman taking your order at the Burger King drive thru gives you onion rings when you and everyone in your car heard you say fries...I highly doubt you're going to be calm about the situation, thinking to that silly man got my order wrong...I hope he has a good evening, NO! You're probably whipping your car around at a stop light that's illegal to make a U-Turn, racing back to Burger King doing 15mph over the speed limit, and as you pull back up to that drive thru window your next words are "I want the #$!@&% fries I #$!@&% ordered the first #$!@&% time. That's why I hate coming to this #$!@&% #$!@&% place!" Sounds about right?.....OK good, moving on.

    Most times in an discussion there are those who "get it" and there are those who "don't get it." If you're the one who "gets it" in a particular discussion at some time during, you're going to come to a point where you just want to shake your head and say to yourself "they just don't get it" and BAM!!! Instantly you have pity on them for being ignorant. You're not happy for have pity on them. Why...because they don't and won't know any better after that discussion. If you haven't changed their mind, waken them up to the fact that them being complacent and content to the way things are for them will effect their near or distant future in a negative way or their children's future in a negative way, then after that discussion they'll run right to the first person THEY talk to and THEY'LL tell them how absurd you sounded just then; they'll undoubtedly agree. And you're going around using the correlation "Ignorance is Bliss" when someone asks you how it went or what new did you learn about them from it. Double-U Tee Eff folks?! Stop doing that, hold people accountable for their ignorance, stop letting them off the hook...tell people how dumb they are so they won't waste their time saying the exact same things you JUST SAID. Granted, I don't condone gossip...but a warning is well justified after being aggravated to the point where you feel like mutilating a couple animals from that ASPCA commercial, because let's face it no one is going to miss them right?! O_O 

    Seriously, some of you know better (or at least after reading this I hope.) You're demeaning everything that the word bliss means to people by letting the fools get the pleasure of using it too, they deserve worse. So say it with me in your best version of a Redneck's accent......Ignorance ain't bliss, that's just darn right sad.

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