Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Money Can't Buy What?!......Pssh!

    In no way is this meant to be facetious but the phrase "Money Can't Buy You Happiness" has to be one of Top 5 biggest lies of all time! {The rest of my list in no particular order: 1. I'm Not That Type Of Girl 2. That Was My Last Piece Of Gum 3. I Didn't Get Your Text 4. No That Dress Doesn't Make You Look Fat} I'm just saying, when was the last time you saw a person miserable because they had more money. *I'll Wait* Hell, I'll admit I'm still learning HOW to act when I get money. When I was a kid I used to get so annoyed when some adult would say "Don't Let That Money Burn a Whole In Your Pocket..." and of course in my head I'm thinking "How About You Stop Worrying Bout My Damn Money And Mind Your Business".....I never had the guts to say it though. I was not about to catch a b*tchslap to the face in front of my friends! Haha

    I've met a few wealthy people before, they were happy and mostly humble people. The type of people that didn't mind paying for your meals, letting you come around their exspensive belongings or even giving you a few dollars just because they can. I've never met an unhappy person with money. From my observations the money MUST make them happy because it's usually the people that don't have money that are mad all the time! Mad because someone won't give them a dollar. Mad because someone won't pay their way to an event they can't afford themselves. Mad because they still have a flip phone. Mad because no one likes their US. Polo Assn. gear or mad because someone sits in their living room even though it's WRAPPED in plastic.......I could go on and on but they're always grumpy about something. Money can't buy you happiness right? Wrong. Money buys our possessions, possessions make us happy, so indirectly money does make us happy. All of us! Whatever you desire money can buy; clothes, shoes, cars, jewlery, electronics, food, antiques, collectables, music (yes some people still pay for it), accessories and few goodies from the Adults Only section if you're feeling fresh & funky. *Hope I didn't miss anything* On the other hand, famous people...yeah, they have it bad! They're miserable like shit lol...they can't sleep, creep, buy, fly or scratch their butt without an audience. That shit sucks. But when people who are not famous get their paycheck or someone pays them some money owed to them....they are thee happiest people around...until they get home and realized they shouldn't have went shopping before paying their bills.

    As you can see from the lenthy 2nd paragraph someone saying "Money Can't Buy You Happiness" irritates me just as much as someone whispering to me with bad breath. There are so many examples, from watching television alone, that people that have money ARE happy. Instead of simply telling me that money can't buy me happiness, because that won't teach me the lesson I need to learn to properly manage my finanaces in the future. How about you teach me how to be responsible and mature with my money. I know I may never obtain the amount of money they have, take the trips they take or buy the things they buy.....but I can definitley be happy with the money I do have. "Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out" -John Wooden. If you teach me how to be responsible and mature with the money that's given to me or I earn....I guarentee I'll buy the things I want and take the trips I want to take.....all without worrying about how I'm going to pay my bills or put gas in my car in between paychecks. But...most parents/adults never think about that, they just want to tell you "Money Can't Buy You Happiness" right before they take the money from you that your Grandma/Grandpa gave to you for Christmas or all the money you earned from that weak ass summer job that you didn't even want to have! (Yeah...obviously I'm still bitter about that. Wouldn't you be?!)...........ok bye.

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