Monday, June 20, 2011

*Clear Throat* Greetings

    First off, "Stupider" is a word. I Googled it! You're more than welcome to check that for yourself but being that you've actually taken the time out to read this post I would hope you trust me...a little. Anyway, one of my biggest pet peeves that I'd like to discuss is the customary assumption that majority of women that I've come into contact with like to proclaim...that "all men are stupid." Besides that accusation hurting my feelings, I don't think it's entirely true. I mean why does it have to be ALL? When they say "all men are stupid" that's automatically including me and that's no bueno. And don't let that come out of their mouth when they first start talking because then I'm just waiting to interject and not listening to another word that's being said. Is it so hard to say "all the men that I've met are stupid?" Because that's what they really mean. Oh! And all hell breaks loose when a guy even uses the word "B*tch." So it's only fair for women to be a liiiiitle more specific if they want men to use less offensive pronouns. Am I right?! *Looks around for some support*  

   I'll admit that a lot of men are stupid when it comes to relationships with their significant other. [Insert infinite gripes, moans & complaints here] The strange thing is, out of the thousands of stories that I hear about a particular stupid guy, I've NEVER done something like that. I might have thought about it.....yeah I'm pretty sure I've thought about doing something belligerent once, wait that's not true I think about it all the time. *Hangs head in shame* But...I don't do stupid stuff simply because I know better and care about the consequences. Being the only boy and raised around a bunch of Eve's Descendants all my life I know what makes those creatures tick. I have pissed off a few back in my day but never intentionally done so. I've been the selfless type for as long as I can remember so my faults usually occurred when I was trying to please (not being nasty) too many people. I've learned my lesson quite a few times so that shit won't be happening anymore. Hmph!

   What were we talking about again....oh yeah men being stupid. False, men have proven to have the most creative and powerful minds in all our history to date. Besides intellect, there are Good Men. Some men think with the head on their shoulders. Some men know how to plan a proper date. Some men can cook and clean without an argument or physical altercation. Some men know that opening doors and walking on the side closest to the curb is part of being a gentleman. Some men want to find a woman and treat her like a Queen. But, because of society as a collective brainwashing with social media, bling, clubs, disregard for moral hazard and what we consider the standard or minimum of what we deserve by being spectators to the entertainment industry it's hard to find one. Our women are inconsistent as to what they want and our men are confused by who they should emulate because they can't catch up to the woman's a dog chasing its own tail, just goes around and around until it gets tired and gives up. The dog that usually stops chasing, straightens up and follows a path without going astray finds the right mate for them. Boy dog or bitch. Haha

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