Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Well...Adulthood Kinda Sucks. I Don't Want My Children's To Suck Too


So I'm at the time in my life where I find a woman I can procreate with...that won't betray me (another day) and it's finally time we start talking about His & Her values. I'll admit I haven't spent much time listen to Her values, mostly because she only carries the baby but I'm going to be the one taking care of it and raising it because she knows how excited I'm going to be to do everything. AND WITHOUT MY BABY BATTER HER EGGS WOULD BE NOTHING! No but seriously...I'll give her plenty of time to tell me everything once she's preggers and her emotions start mutating into "SHEHULKTIONS."

(Moving on)

For a brief moment when I was a child I thought life was good. Then...I turned 7 and can't remember what real freedom feels like now. That freedom of choosing my own path because of what I feel. That freedom of wanting to learn something new without it having to be career related, college related, bill related, gas related, gender related. The freedom of wearing what I want because I fucking feel like it. The freedom of doing the right thing for reasons I decide without the opinions of others determining how comfortable I am with it and if it's acceptable or not. It wasn't until 24 years of age that I truly started living for MOI. Ain't that some sad shit?! Lmao. That's okay though, I know some of you assholes are in the same boat...stop lying to still have some shit you're struggling with too.

It's all because adults always want to tell children what, when, where, and how to do something...simply because they can. Honestly, some parents are just like the people that are running this country, the same assholes each and everyone of you elect and hate (at the same damn time). They tell you only what's necessary, whatever sounds good at the time, whatever they need to say in order for you to do what they want you to do...........I ONT LIKE IT. Why not just tell me the whole truth the first time. It would save sooooo much of both our times on the backend lol. I used to hate hearing the phrase "When you're an adult..." or "When you're grown..." as a forthcoming answer to a question I've asked. Parents omit and lie about everything and expect us....the inexperienced, recently graduated from pubescence and now in charge of fucking up everything we touch in our have all the "correct" answers. 

As of now I have predetermined that I always want to have open communication with my children...about everything. I know some people say this all the time but I really mean it. Kids don't annoy me. Nothing about them actually. How much energy they have 24fucking7. How many questions they ask. How starved for attention they are. None of that gets under my skin. There are some types of behavior that get to me though and it goes the same for adults. Don't be rude, don't lie for selfish reasons, don't be obnoxious on purpose, don't hurt anyone on purpose (physically and emotionally), don't steal anything other than music off the internet lol, don't talk down to people, and don't ever put your hands on me like you wanna hurt might fucking die. 

See to me that's as simple to execute as it is to type. Kids will listen to you better when you're honest, when you're genuine, and when you tell them to do something because it's the right thing to do, not because "you said so." Be good to people until they give you a reason not to. And that goes for your children too. What did they do to you? You're the one who accumulated all the bills you couldn't handle trying to live the life you couldn't afford. And now you wanna tell him to stay in school so they can take care of you when they grow up. WRONG ANSWER! Bitch...what if what I want to do doesn't require me to stay in school? Now you gon make me nshit?! How'd that turn out for you.............oh ok. 

I'm gonna guide my kids. Not rule them. And maybe just maybe it won't take them 24-42 years to realize they don't know shit and secretly unhappy with where they are and what they're doing with their life.

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